Paper Taxidermy-Lynx Stage 1

Following on from the masks and birds I made for Performing Metamorphosis (2009) out of paper, I have continued to develop my paper mache skills. Instead of using strips of paper I now use something called paper mache clay to create the hard exteriors of my sculptures. The armatures are also made out of shaped paper balls covered in layers of tape.

These new sculptures have been given been given the  label paper taxidermy- by me. They are meant to resemble various stuffed, dead animals and trophy heads, and being made more or less entirely out of paper, it seemed only fitting that they be called paper taxidermy.

Being from Norway I wanted to create one of my favorite animals, the lynx, an animal fairly distant from the fauna found in Australia. Having never made a lynx or a trophy head before the whole process has been a learn-as-you-go kind of thing. I start out by researching the lynx and collect images, but I do not  look at these images while I build it. Why? Because I am more  concerned with creating a lynx that is mine, than one that is too accurate. I do believe that my props need that element of homemade to them, if only to require that little bit of a bigger leap of imagination to believe in them.

More on this process and development soon… 


About Dida

Visual artist, light painter and mother.
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