Paper Taxidermy -Lynx Stages 2 & 3

After making the armature the lynx was then covered in a thin layer of PM clay. Once this dried, several parts had to be built out, and covered again, before adding eyeballs and other details. While making the lynx, which is rather large, I also made a small trophy head of a dog as sort of a small scale test to work out some of the techniques for things like eyes, teeth and fur. The teeth are modeled separately and then stuck on with the help of toothpicks, knives and a lot of patience. The fur (for the dog) was made out of a thin layer of joint compound which was then worked over with an old toothbrush.  The fur for the lynx was done is several stages, caked on like icing and worked over with a knife until it resembled something like longer haired fur. In between every stage my trophy heads were allowed to enjoy a bit of sunshine to allow for faster drying.

More on the making of paper taxidermy soon…


About Dida

Visual artist, light painter and mother.
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