Paper Taxidermy- Lynx Painting

Once the the fur layer dried, which usually takes a few days for it to dry completely (and if you do anything before it does, trust me, it goes moldy), I covered it with a layer of a mix between joint compound and PVA glue, which I believe is referred to as gesso. This is to get any cracks that might have popped up, spots I might have missed and generally to make it stronger and easier to paint. It also makes for a good layer to sand down for smoothness, if you need to do that. Once dried, I painted both the dog and the lynx in a orange/red color all over. The dog then went through stags of blue, brown and black before it was done. The lynx was a bit more complicated to paint, and this is where I started going back to my reference photos to make sure I didn’t get too lost on the way. When it came to paint the eyes of both the dog and the lynx I ran into a funny dilemma. Painted, they looked very cartoon like, and not to my liking. I’m not a painter, hence my skills of painting aren’t all that fab, and I really didn’t like the look of it. So  I decided, after painting them grey-white again, to just shade them from black to white and leave them looking like zombies, something I think works really well. Once I painted the lynx I attached lashes, whiskers and ear hairs (one of their significant features) before finishing the backing and the hanging device. The lynx is now only a few steps away from being done. All that is left is paint a few spots that were made when attaching the whiskers, attach the rest of the hair inside one of the ears and then varnish it. (This is still to be done.)

A lot of my paper mache techniques have been developed thanks to a lady called Jonni, who runs this wonderful website:  and also a Yahoo group I am a member of: PapermacheArt. These resources have been invaluable to all my recent projects.

Once the lynx is done, I’ll shoot him properly and post some shots.


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