A Tail of Transformation II

I’ll be showing this image at this years ScanArt exhibition in Melbourne in September-October. ScanArt is a juried exhibition that showcases Scandinavian art and design. The official exhibition opening is Friday September 30th. More details to come soon.

I thought I’d share the progress statement that will follow the image:

A Tail of Transformation (2011)

This place. That place.  Dis-placed.

There’s no place like home.

A Tail of Transformation is part of a larger body of work in progress.  It explores notions of displacement and the creation of a trans-identity: both cultural dislocation and a displacement from reality.

The fairytale stands as a metaphorical crossroad of transformation or destruction.  This new work creates worlds perched between a personal Norwegian interior and a broader Australian exterior as it actively displaces mainly Norwegian myths and fairytales in an Australian landscape.

This process seeks to explore what remains, what survives, what is lost, what is created and what translates, if anything, when the cultural background, fantasies and realities of one individual caught between two cultures attempt to merge and reform an idea of home.

Dida Sundet, August 2011

In other news this image was awarded an Honorable Mention in this years International Photography Awards, Night Photography category.


About Dida

Visual artist, light painter and mother.
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