Adventures in Jedi

I’ve started a mummy blog. Yep. It’s true. I’ve been horrible at getting any work done, so I figured I’d get some of my mummy issues out of my system before I go back in December.

You can find it here:

I love being a mum (most of the time), but I can’t wait until I have more time to do work again.


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Of Light

I’ll be showing some work in the ‘Of Light’ exhibition in Sydney in July.  We’ll be driving down from Melbourne and making it our first family holiday.

In a couple of months I will embark on the journey of full time mum as well as full time student. (Yikes!) I either need to finish my Masters in a year or upgrade to a Phd. So far I’m leaning towards attempting the upgrade as my project is far too big for a Masters.

I’m also hoping to start shooting again, but may have to wait for it to get a bit warmer.  Got a fee new ideas in the works and an itchy trigger finger.

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i made…. this!!

My apologies for completely vanishing for a while. My son, Anakin, has been keeping me busy since he was born December 23, 2011. 

He is by far the greatest artwork I have ever made. 🙂

I have every intention of resuming my work, as well as my blog, as soon as time, and baby, permits.

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Building a paper troll – the making of…

A short video of my process of building a trolls head.

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Research images

Some images from “Rural and Coastal Life in the Southern Region of Norway at the End of the 19th Century” (Courtesy of

Just thought I’d share these. They’re excellent images, and quite creepy. I’ve been looking at the traditional bridal crown as well as national costumes and traditional rural architecture to find inspiration for a couple of new images I’m working on.


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Testing props

Because my abilities to do any big shoots are rather diminished due to my increasingly large baby bump, I’ve been focusing on making props and testing  them lately. I tested the first finished troll head the other night, looking at how lighting him from different angles brings out different sides to his personality. This will help me plan my lighting for the actual shoot when the time comes.

My first final paper mache troll head - working with light from various angles, exposures etc.

Here’s a test I did of some of the props for another image. I only shot a selection of these as are there are a lot of them. (A small battalion of zombie chicken heads amongst other things.) Doing these test shoots helps me figure out and eliminate potential problems that might occur during the larger shoot in regards to how the materials respond to light, how the paint is working etc. It’s also really helpful in mapping out the set up.

Small selection of props made for an image under the working title "Gullible Travels"

I didn’t make this little guy (obviously), but he’s another one of my models waiting to be put into a shot based around ideas of the pre-christian norse soul, the hug (not like the english word hug, but meaning soul) and the embodiment of the soul in a ham (very much not like the english word ham, but as in a body or form.)

Mummified cat found under my friend Will's house, kindly donated to art.

I think he’s beautiful on his own, however I’m not sure he would make much sense without a larger context in my new body of work. Then again the question is; does he really have to?

Oh, how I do love dead things.

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Castlemaine Independent

Got a small spiel in a local newspaper here this week, the Castlemaine Independent, in regards to my honorable mention in the IPA. 

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